Witch Caught On Camera Flying: Watch

Scary Incident Of A Witch Caught Flying At 3AM

An alarming incident in which a witch is captured on camera while hovering in midair is depicted in a video that is becoming viral on social media.

At around 3 in the morning, an anonymous man awakens and walks over to the window while recording, where he opens the curtain.

He pulls back the curtain and calls out to his wife. As they look out the window, they notice a strange witch-like apparition floating above a parked truck.

The witch hovers abnormally and gives the couple a brazen stare while its eyes shine.

The couple scrambles while screaming as it suddenly swooshes towards them.

Look at the video below.


The video has since generated mixed reactions as some believe it is non existent and graphically edited. Some, however, really got scared.



Marian Shamhu

Marian Shava is a full-time journalist and social media enthusiast
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