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A woman from HARARE has gotten into a fight with her ex-husband over comments he reportedly made about how weak he is in bed.
Lisa Guta stated that she did not enjoy being personal with her ex-husband Tonderai Chikomo at any point in their relationship.

At the Harare Civil Court, Tonderai filed a petition for a protection order against Lisa, alleging that she had been causing trouble at his place of employment by coming there with her friends on multiple occasions.

Both of them work as stallholders in Mbare, which is also the location where Lisa is suspected of driving Tonderai away.

The court was told that at one point during their altercation, Lisa allegedly struck Tonderai with stones. This occurred at the height of their conflict.

“She has her pals tell me that she has boyfriends with firearms and that they are going to kill me,” he added. “She sends her friends to tell me that she has boyfriends with firearms.”

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Lisa, in her defence, asserted that the claims were false.

Lisa stated that she managed the family’s glass company for the four years that Tonderai was attending college.

She claimed that she looked after the family and provided assistance for him.

When he was at school, I made an effort to hide the fact that our family was poor. I went grocery shopping for him. After I was beaten by him and some of our belongings were broken, I went to the police and filed a case.

“I didn’t find out that dad had remarried until after I graduated from college, and now it’s difficult for me to provide for the children on my own,” she added.

The application was thrown out by Magistrate Rutendo Machingura because it did not have any merit.

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