Zimbabwe Passport office : Passport Bosses Divert Salary Money To Buy Posh Cars

A disagreement has emerged between Kingdom Five Zimbabwe, a business hired by the government to renovate the Harare e-passport centre, and its employees, as well as subcontractors, over unpaid pay and project costs.
Subcontracted companies and employees are purportedly owed varied sums of money by the corporation, amid allegations that Kingdom Five management misappropriated funds to purchase fancy vehicles.

Some of the workers questioned by The Standard claimed to be owed up to $5,000.

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Kingdom Five Zimbabwe is part of the Kingdom Group, a complex firm that operates in many industries including as transportation, civil works, agricultural, mining, and property development, according to a company biography.


Its portfolio comprises projects in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia from diverse sectors.


The company was awarded a contract to renovate e-passport centres.


The corporation allegedly owes workers money after renovating the Murewa E-passport Centre and the Gweru E-passport Centre.


They are currently establishing another e-passport centre in Beitbridge.

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“They’re buying luxury cars while owing us money.” It isn’t right. “One of the managers has a BMW parked at the quantity surveyor’s house because he has run out of parking space at his own house,” one of the disgruntled employees claimed.


He stated that he filed a complaint with the Labour Court and that the case will be heard on August 11.


Eddie Madzima, one of Kingdom Five Zimbabwe’s managers, admitted that the workers and other subcontractors had not been paid.


“We have a contract, and the project is still under progress,” Madzima explained.


“A few people have not been paid, and we are still investigating the terms of their contracts.”


In December, President Emmerson Mnangagwa introduced the country’s e-passport.


Mnangagwa stated that the e-passports were created to ensure Zimbabweans’ security and to eliminate the country’s passport backlog.


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