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119 Year Old Gogo Advice On Mjolo

GOGO Elizabeth Setshedi has a stern warning for the youth on umjolo advising men to stick to one partner to live longer.

“Don’t say you are loved when you are running around with other women. You will die,” she said.

At 119 years old, the gogo from Slaagboom in North West had two dreams.

One was to own a home and the other was to meet President Cyril Ramaphosa.

One of her wishes is coming true as a house is being built for her.

She said she is happy and God can peacefully take her as her family will have a proper home.

“I am so excited and I will be singing gospel songs in the house that was given to me by God,” she said.

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Gogo Elizabeth was blessed with 12 children, nine daughters and three boys., but unfortunately six of her daughters have since died.

She has 48 grandkids, 53 great-grandkids, and 13 great-great grandkids.

Gogo’s son Alex (60) said: he is happy for his mother.“My mother raised me and I now have children and grandchildren. She is a strong woman and I love her and I love her.”

Gogo can still stand and walk on her own., but she can’t read the Bible because of old age.

“I have forgotten a lot of the things I knew growing up because of old age.

“I can’t go to church or read the Bible as much as I would love to.

“My waist and knees are painful but apart from that, I am fine. this age of mine is known by God and he is the one who has kept me this long,” she said.

Gogo Elizabeth added that she used to love eating pap, spinach and meat, but doesn’t like meat anymore.

She advised young people to stay humble, not to be arrogant, and to respect themselves.

Gogo has 48 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren, and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

“My mother raised me and I now have children and grandchildren. She is a strong woman and I love her,” he said.

Community leader Philadelphia Moloto (53) said: they wanted to celebrate gogo’s life by making one of her biggest dreams come true.“Gogo said she wanted to meet the president and also have a house built before she dies.We are so happy she finally got to see her one dream come “South African National Civic Organisation’s regional secretary, Winnie Sono, made gogo’s dream possible.”

She said their leaders pushed and made sure the house is built.-Daily Sun


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