4 People Arrested For Protesting Against King Charles III

Four people were arrested in the UK for protesting King Charles, including a woman charged for “breach of the peace” for a sign saying: “Abolish monarchy.”

UK police confirmed at least 4 people arrested for protesting the monarchy and King Charles:

One man in Oxford who shouted: “Who elected him?”
Three in Edinburgh, including a 74-year-old, a woman holding a sign and a man who called Prince Andrew “a sick old man.

Scottish police charged a man for breaching the peace after he heckled Prince Andrew, who quit royal duties over his ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Two others face charges for anti-royal protests. Activists say arrests represent a “fundamental erosion of our democracy.”

The royals cost taxpayers $100M/year.
Charles inherits the Queen’s $500M fortune, without paying inheritance tax.


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