AKA Is The devil, Nicole Nyaba

Nicole Nyaba has opened up about her “relationship” or “situationship” with rapper AKA. The star made this known during her interview with Gigi Lamayne on Pov Podcast.

Nicole who did not mince her words during the interview spoke about AKA, describing his character and how he allegedly ruined her life. Starting off her interview, she said AKA is a romantic man but said he is the “devil” who only cares about himself and no one else.

“Now I want to say this you know, he is a romantic guy, but he’s a devil and he’s sneaky if you understand what I mean. Knowing what I know now, he’s not sincere, and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Knowing what I know now I should’ve never trusted him, I should’ve never trusted him as a friend, as a lover, as anything,” said the social media influencer.

Nicole added that he might be romantic making it seem as though he is the perfect partner, but that does not equate to him being a good person.

“I’m just saying for any girl out there you know, I’m not saying don’t be with him but just know what you expect. Yes you gonna get some who’s gonna open doors for you, send you nice messages, be romantic and stuff but being romantic doesn’t mean you love somebody, it doesn’t mean you care about them, it doesn’t mean you respect them, it doesn’t mean you wish good for them, it doesn’t mean it a mutual relationship.”

,“He used my vulnerability at that time, and my kindness, and my acceptance, you know, he used all my good qualities and my virtues against me to do whatever he wants to do.”

Nicole then added that AKA lied to her and made it seem as though they are in a relationship, but in actual fact, they weren’t. She accuses him of setting her career five years back.

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