Cassper Nyovest Meets Busta Rhymes: Here Is How The Night Went

Top South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has revealed how he spent last night at a nightclub with top celebrities like American rapper Busta Rhymes.

The legendary rapper says he enjoyed the top-notch night but cameras were not allowed.

He also says he had a long conversation with  Busta Rhymes as they partied all night.

Below is his Facebook post:

“Honored an invite from a good friend and it turned into a legendary night. Not only did i party with ma dude Dave Chappelle but I got lit with Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes, Giggs, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Derek Chisora & Splif. No cameras allowed in the party so I have no pictures. When I met Busta he ain’t no me so he pushed me to the side. I moved respectfully, that’s when Dave Chappelle let him know who I was. Busta energy changed immediately, he then told this crazy story about meeting me through Swizzy and how it influenced his next album. MADNESS! Me and Busta chopped it up soooooo long that we ended up being the last 2 people to leave the club. Great f**king night, great f**king energy,  partied with my idols. Dreams come true!!! God is good!!!”


Cassper Nyovest will be in a boxing match with Priddy Ugly on the 1st of October.



Marian Shamhu

Marian Shava is a full-time journalist and social media enthusiast
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