Dead Boss Pango Helps Friends Escape Jail

THE THREE men who were detained alongside the late Boss Pango for illegally possessing a pangolin have been released.

A lack of evidence led the State to decide against continuing the trial.

The trio was reportedly freed thanks to Boss Pango’s passing.

Boss Pango
Boss Pango

The dealer, whose full name was Tafadzwa Murengwa, gained attention in July when he shot and killed his girlfriend before killing himself.

His nickname “Boss Pango” originated after his court appearance following the discovery of pangolin in his possession.

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His three accomplices were therefore exposed.

However, due to a lack of evidence and in response to the passing of Boss Pango, the State dropped its accusations against Maxwell Landirani, Leon Tsiga, and Kudakwashe Nyoni.

The death certificate for Murengwa was presented in court as evidence that he had actually died.

The arresting authorities, who testified that they had taken the pangolin from Murengwa, were the ones who provided the State with evidence.

They supported one another’s testimony that Boss Pango had implicated the other three accused.

They decided that it would be impossible to establish a case against the group since Boss Pango was now deceased.

According to the allegations, Murengwa was in possession of a live pangolin at Chisipite Business Center on August 20, 2017, and was attempting to sell it. The police allegedly received a tip about this.

The pangolin was discovered in a sack when the police searched Murengwa’s vehicle.

They arrested him after he failed to produce a license, authorizing him to have possession of the animal.

He then implicated Landirani, Tsiga, and Nyoni, who were tracked down and arrested.

Sherlyn Sadomba appeared for the State.


Marian Shamhu

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