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DJ Zinhle Clears Air On Pearl Thusi Viral Video

DJ Zinhle has cleared the air on a viral video in which the celebrated DJ seemed to be pushing Pearl Thusi away from her booth.

In the video, DJ Zinhle is seen seemingly pushing Pearl to the side while gesturing to another DJ , identified as Brandon, to come closer.

The video attracted widespread attention as tweeps alleged that DJ Zinhle did not want to be near Thusi, however, she said all was misinterpreted.

”Hey guys. I need to clear things up. Pearl & I had a great time & on the video you saw, I was gesturing to Brandon, whom I was playing a set with, to come & select the song cause we were using his USBs.

“Also. Why would Pearl smile when she walked away if I was being mean to her? Please stop vilifying me…

”Also. Y’all keep saying I don’t need to explain myself so you can push the narrative that entertains you.

I was never mean to Pearl.. not at all…

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