Exiled Prof Jonathan Moyo Advocates For Diaspora Vote

Former cabinet minister and self exiled politician, Professor Jonathan Moyo has encouraged Zimbabwean authorities to allow for the diaspora vote.

He said Zimbabwe must copy from Kenya which allowed diasporians to vote in the just ended elections.

“One lesson from the 2022 Kenyan elections – which culminated in today’s swearing in of William Ruto as Kenya’s fifth President – is for countries like Zimbabwe to treat their remittance-paying Diasporans as a province, to enable them to vote only in presidential elections!

“The Diaspora vote is no longer whether but when it will be implemented in Zim. Whoever implements it, will reap electoral benefits.

“Meanwhile, the assumption within ZanuPF that the Diaspora would overwhelmingly vote against it, is more an expression of fear than reality,Prof Moyo.

Zimbabwe does not recognize the diaspora vote but there have been several calls to have them included as they play a major role in economic development.!

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