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Horror: Buried The Same Day As Her Brother, ‘Ghost’ Wants Her Life Back

"Wherever I go I am told that I’m dead"

Horror as woman from Ekurhuleni is striving to get her life back because Home Affairs records say she is dead when she is in fact alive.

When her younger brother died in 2019, Mosima Moloto (51) buried her brother but, according to Home Affairs, she buried her brother and on the same day buried herself. According to their records, she’s dead.

Mosima from Rondebult in Ekurhuleni said Home Affairs canceled her from the registry of the living. She has been fighting to prove her existence to Home Affairs for more than two years.

“This affects my life badly. Wherever I go I am told that I’m dead. I can’t get jobs. I can’t start my own business because of the cloud hanging over my head. I’m suffering for Home Affairs’ mistake,” she said.

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Mosima, who was born in Limpopo, said she went to Home Affairs many times but nothing happens. “I have submitted request documents. I was even told to go to a doctor to write a letter that I’m still alive.”

She said before her nightmare started she had been doing well.

“I had my life planned but this thing came and turned my life upside down,” she said.

She buried her brother Semenya Yenus Moloto in 2019.

“I still miss my brother but Home Affairs has made my pain a lot worse.”

Home Affairs spokesman David Hlabane said they would rectify her living status and help Mosima with her ID problem.-Source


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