Just In: Livingstone Sunhwa DNA Results Confirm His Death

The long-awaited Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) results for missing St Matthias Tsonzo High School student, Livingstone Sunhwa, confirm his death.

His mother confirmed the development.

Livingstone Sunhwa (19) disappeared from the school on December 6 and his presumed remains were discovered on 20 June.

Livingstone was arrested by the police following a break-in at the school tuckshop a day before his disappearance.

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Before the confirmation of the results, his mother Selina Tadya had this to say,

“We are at a dead end, nothing is moving seven weeks since the discovery of the remains. No concrete answer could be reached with the collected samples. They told us that the samples did not yield enough DNA, hence there was no conclusive answer.

“It will drag on because they have collected additional samples, the teeth, which they say can also be a reliable source of DNA in post mortem testing. They explained the challenges they are facing, but due to the gravity of this case, they said they cannot declare inconclusive results, hence the need for another round of trials with additional samples.

“This means waiting for another 21 days. If they fail to come up with conclusive results within 21 days, they will then recommend that the samples be sent for further testing either in South Africa or Botswana where there is more advanced technology,” she said.

“Their main argument is that the remains were exposed to the rain and the sun for a very long time such that DNA was eroded. However, from my side they did not collect additional samples as the ones initially collected are still valid,” she said

“It is painful and it’s straining me, my life is on hold. I can’t do anything. I cannot go back to work in South Africa. I am just seated at home with no money, yet everything is demanding money.

“Soon schools will be open, I need to raise school fees for Livingstone’s sister. Where will I get the school fees when I am not working as I wait for the DNA tests results? We desperately need conclusive results to bring closure to this case.

“It hurts us as a family because we are still mourning and we do not know when the mourning will end. We are not at peace. We can only be at peace after ascertaining whether those are his remains or not and according Livingstone a befitting burial. What we are going through is awful and devastating,” she said.

More details on Livingstone Sunhwa’s latest findings are to follow.


Marian Shamhu

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