Kae Chaps Claps Back At Shadaya

Rising music sensation, Kae Chaps has clapped back at Shadaya for calling him a pimp who is always singing heartbreaking songs.

In a Twitter rant, Shadaya accused the Gehena hit maker of being too soft and always using music to show his weakness. The post also took aim at Stunner, EXQ, Roki  and Baba Harare.

However, Kae Chaps accused Shadaya of seeking attention and a cry baby.


Funny part about all this drama is Kae Chaps and Shadaya are a bit similar in a way, they are both cry babies. However the difference is Kae talks about his ex (One person) and he gets paid for it where as Shadhaya is against the entire female gender for likes and retweets. Shadaya is a bitter person who desperately wants the world to revolve around him simply because he is not man enough to accept it for what it is. The guy will never be half the man Kae Chaps is because he doesn’t understand the basic principles that makes

1. Minding your business (very important)
2. Accountability
3. Love
4. Respect
5. Gratitude
We protect the weak, we do not trample on them. Understand that no one is perfect and all that matters really is someone’s will to become a better person. Lastly I was raised by a single mother because my father passed on when I was 4, the minute you disrespect single mothers you’re disrespecting me and trust me you do not wanna do that.

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