Koala Park Butchery Robbery Done Movie Style: See Details

Koala Park Butchery workers were robbed at gunpoint by cunning armed robbers on Tuesday in a severl hours ordeal.

Below are the details of the investigations.

Sources close to the investigation said on September 13 2022 around 0700 hours, six armed robbers wearing orange work suits with 9 mm pistols where dropped in the middle of wheat field 200 meters away from the entrance by a vehicle Isuzu, green in colour. The unidentified armed robbers approached irrigation foreman Christine pretending as netone technical surveillance team. The robbers called Koala employees who were in the wheat field and subdued them with shoe laces, handcuffs,tyre cables and instructed them to lay down and cover all employees with black polythene plastic. “The armed robbers took over Koala employees duties scouting superfluous movements and pretended as farm workers. “The robbers asked the whereabouts of Koala director, senior management and site setup whilst other accomplices were patrolling as workers in the wheat field. At approximately 1000 am hours, Mr Bradely irrigation manager brought tea to the workers. On arrival, Mr Bradley was welcomed by armed robbers wearing Koala work suits and assumed that his colleagues were seated awaiting tea. Mr Bradley surrendered himself to robbers at gunpoint and was instructed to obey orders. “Few minutes later, Mr Bradley was handcuffed and commanded by armed robbers to call his superior Mr Mills to come through wheat field as a matter of urgent. Mr Bradley informed Mr Mills who drove his vehicle (Isuzu, registration 8680, white in colour) attended swiftly and welcomed by armed robbers. Mr Mills was apprehended and instructed to call his subordinate Mr Adrian to come through with cash $ 30 000 USD. Mr Adrian deboning manager drove his vehicle (Land cruiser, registration AAV 2589, white in colour) to wheat field alone. On arrival, Mr Adrian was welcomed also by armed robbers and summoned to handover cash to them. Mr Adrian was tied up and laid on the ground. All employees were summoned to board Mr Mills vehicle and covered with polythene black plastic. Four armed robbers board Mr Mills vehicle (Isuzu, registration 8680, white in colour) escorting kidnapped employees who were subdued at the back of truck whilst the other two armed boarded Mr Adrian vehicle (Land cruiser, registration AAV 2589, white in colour). The vehicles where drove along Airport road. All employees were dumped at Zimbabwe teacher’s College after Mr Mills vehicle developed engine defects. The armed robbers teamed up, board Land cruiser and vanished unnoticed. The case was reported to Hatfield police station and scene was attended by officer in charge Mutsvangwa, detective assistant Inspector Vero, sergeant Ziwomi, sergeant Boroma,constable Tsundwa, VTS Crack team, homicide DC Chidziva and homicide crack team. Sergeant Ziwomi recorded the statements. RRB 5288819 refers. Investigations are underway to apprehend the accused. Report compiled by Irvine G Mafema (Mr.)


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Marian Shamhu

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