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Limpopo University Students Burn Property In Protest {Watch}

University of Limpopo off-campus students together with the support of their landlords have today started a protest against the University’s management because of delayed off-campus accommodation payments.
The students are also up in arms with the University for the reduction of the normally R1800 to R1000 payouts.
Students say they have been struggling to pay rent and as a result, some were evicted by their landlords.
A building has so far been torched.
Watch the video below:

University of Zimbabwe students engaged in protests after the institution decided to increase fees on Monday.

A number of students have so far been arrested and others appeared in court.

The university increased tuition from $50 000 to around $300 000 and $500 000 for undergraduate students. Master’s Degree programs would require around $1 000 000.

The students led by the President of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC), Allan Chipoyi, who confirmed the arrests, held protests on campus threatening to boycott classes until the fees were reduced back to last semester levels.


Marian Shamhu

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