Man Takes Over Late Boss’s Business, Wife, Demands To Sleep With Daughter

The beans got spilled before the other beans got eaten.

A Harare Man Desire Mukumba (33) allegedly duped a family of a deceased man to practically give everything to him.

The deceased man whose identity is being withheld was 52 and left behind a widow Harriet (39), a daughter Faith (19) a son Marvin (9) and a viable company in the Agro industry.

Desire was a PA to the late boss and it is believed his boss who disliked using phones would let him communicate with his family, friends and clients.

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So good was Desire at impersonation that the secret was only known by the two of them and another coworker.
The boss died from heart failure at the beginning of this year and Desire hatched a plan.

He called the man’s widow 40 days after his death pretending to be calling from the afterlife. The wife was so shocked to see her late husband’s old number calling her that she only answered after the 5th ring.

She heard her husband’s voice telling her he missed her but life had to go on and he had given Desire the permission to run the company and look after his family.
The widow kept it a secret from the family and handed over all duties to Desire.
Desire still desired more.

He called again 2 weeks later, impersonating the dead man, asking the widow to sleep with Desire so he could get ‘full control and blessings.’
The widow gave in reluctantly on condition it would remain secret to her offsprings.

But Desire still desired more.
He called some months later saying he must sleep with the daughter too to get blessings.

This time the widow notified her daughter who smelt a rat and hired a private investigator.

The beans got spilled before the other beans got eaten.
Desire was fired from the company.

The widow spoke to The Civilian on condition of anonymity.

“I think it was my husband’s plan all along. How could he let a stranger speak to me intimately with me on the phone when he was alive? It’s not Desire who wronged me but my own husband. I haven’t reported the case to the police because I feel the real culprit is six feet underground. He really played a tasteless joke on all of us. “


Marian Shamhu

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