‘NGOs Are Hyenas’ Says Chris Mutsvangwa

ZanuPF Secretary for Information , Chris Mutsvangwa has lashed at Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) saying they are hyenas and liars who are there to destroy the image of the country.

Mutsvangwa made the scathing remarks during yesterday’s press conference at the ZanuPF headquarters.

He said nothing good has come out of the work that is being done several NGOs.

“Don’t listen to them, they are false prophets, witch doctors, they are witches of the night. More and more light will expose them, hyenas, they climb on hyenas in the night but when it’s morning they can’t be seen,” he said.

“There is no traceable study where NGOs have delivered production in Zimbabwe, like car manufacturing companies. What is their role if they don’t give food handouts?”

The ZanuPF led government’s dislike for NGOs is well documented. In recent months, the government has been moving towards enacting a Private Voluntary Organisation ( PVO) Bill into law

The substance of the Bill has changed since it was gazette and this occurred without public consultation, a key transparency mechanism.

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