“Photo Ops Will Not Solve The Economy” Mahere Tells Mnangagwa

CCC Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fix the country and desist from taking unnecessary photographs with world leaders.

This follows a recent picture of Mnangagwa and UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres in which the state media said the two were meeting for bilateral talks.

Mahere said photo ops will not bring prosperity to an economically wounded Zimbabwe.

“Photographs with X, Y or Z aren’t going to solve our problems. Fix the health system. Stop looting.

“Build better schools. Don’t sabotage the economy. End corruption. Let business be.

“Give farmers security of tenure. Enable farmers to grow more food. Put the people first,” she said.

Mnangagwa is currently in New York attending the  annual UN General Assembly meeting and is expected to meet up with a number of world leaders in bilateral and multilateral meetings.

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