SAD NEWS:Man Axes 2-year-old Niece Accusing Relatives Of Bewitching Him

After an argument in which he accused his relatives of bewitching him, a 21-year-old man from Kadoma is currently on the run after killing his 2-year-old niece with an axe. The victim was the daughter of the man’s brother.

Pindula News obtained a report from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) which stated that Tryforcer Moy was intoxicated at the time he murdered his niece. Takes a look at the report:

Police in Chakari is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Tryforcer Moyo (21) who is wanted in connection with a case of murder where a minor (2) died whilst admitted at Kadoma General Hospital after she was struck once on the head with an axe on 16/09/22 at Delcia B1. Before attacking the victim, who was his brother’s daughter, the intoxicated and angry suspect accused members of his family of witchcraft him. The victim was the daughter of the suspect’s brother.

Reported cases of domestic violence have been resulting in loss of life have been on the rise.

The authorities encourage members of the public to find peaceful solutions to their disagreements.

In the meantime, witchcraft is a prevalent issue in the setting of Africa. Many people believe that “witches” are to blame for their misfortunes because these “witches” cast spells on them.

Some people consult traditional healers (n’anga/nyanga/Maine) or prophets in the hopes of warding off the “spells” against them.

In the meantime, there are many who hold the opinion that those who blame witchcraft are deluded and can be helped to recover if they seek the advice of licensed psychologists.

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