Wedding Cancelled As Bride Is Caught Cheating

In a sad twist of events, a man has reportedly cancelled his own wedding after his would-be-wife confessed that she was cheating with a married colleague, Harare Live has learnt.

Dennis Mzumara decided to terminate his wedding to Tionge Chiuluka scheduled for this weekend.

The couple from Malawi was supposed to exchange vows on September 24, 2022, but the man discovered that his sweetheart had been cheating with her colleague Andrew Mhango since 2018.

The two work together at Mzuzu High Court.

In a statement circulating on social media, likely written by the man,

“The forthcoming wedding between Dennis Mzumara and Tionge Chiulika which was scheduled to take place on 24 September 2022 has been cancelled.

“The wedding has been cancelled for the sole reason [of infidelity]. It is with great difficulty that I write this message informing all our friends and family of this decision”, reads the statement.

Further reports indicated that a pastor was called to the couple’s home to solve the issue and the woman admitted that she has been seeing the married man.

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Read the viral statement announcing that the wedding has been cancelled.

Wedding cancelled

Harare Live could not independently verify the authenticity of the press release.

However, Tionge’s family has shot back, saying the wedding has been called off because of gender-based violence.

“We can gladly say it is a relief to the lady herein. She has been through a lot. The alleged [infidelity] is not true,” said one person on social media.


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