Winky D Snubs Ba Shupi Collaboration.

BaShupi has claimed that Winky D and Nutty O have been shutting the door on him.

Speaking during an interview with a local radio station, BaShupi of the Godo fame said he has been chasing the two artists for collaborations but they have been evading him.

“I have tried to contact Winky D for collaboration but have been referred to many individuals including the manager who seem not forthcoming.

” Then this young man ‘arikupisa’ (who is hot) ‘anopfeka mazigirazi’ so(wears big shades). You know him by the way, Nutty O yes that one. I am now fed up I tried to reach out to him countless times but it seems he is not yet ready for it,” said BaShupi, real name Peace Ndlovu.

He then advised artists to be humble since fame is temporary.

” These youngsters should know that the fame they are enjoying some of us we also enjoyed it .
“I made money, built houses and owned cars there is nothing unfamiliar to me,” advised the singer.

The Masvingo-raised artiste has done collaborations with Stunner, EXQ and Simba Tags among many others which became instant hits. Some music enthusiasts have argued that BaShupi is only good with collaborations and not on his solo projects. He credits his musical journey to the late Chioniso Maraire as he was her backing vocalist.

BaShupi has also been involved in acting after being mentored at Amakhosi Theatre by the late Cont Mhlanga.

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