Just In: Shashl Withdraws Rape Charges

In a new development, DJ Levels is only appearing in court for violating the data protection act when he allegedly leaked bedroom videos between the two after Shashl withdrew rape charges.

The rape and physical abuse charges have been referred back to the police upon indications that Shashl intends to withdraw but on certain conditions which are still to be agreed on.

"I went through the same": Loraine Guyo consoles Shashl

Chillspot co-founder DJ Fantan was on Tuesday morning seen holding a secret meeting with his counterpart’s ex-girlfriend Shashl at Borrowdale police station where Levels is being detained.

DJ Levels was arrested yesterday by police after he had gone for some time missing. He is being accused by his ex-girlfriend Shashl of sexually abusing her.

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Shashl’s father, former minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo, was at court today for Levels’ initial hearing in solidarity with his daughter.

Shashl today visited the Borrowdale police station for questioning and that is where she held a secret meeting with DJ Fantan.

Details about their secret meeting are not yet available at the time of writing.

It seems, however, that the meeting outcome was not positive as DJ Fantan expressed his dismay in an Instagram post saying he feels heartbroken.

“If love so nice, tell mi why it hate so bad, if love love so nice tell tell why m sad 😢”, he posted.

DJ Fantan goes on to say that, “every love story is a ghost story”.

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