No Wonder Some Men Take Their Own Lives: Black Coffee ‘Depressed’

People are concerned after Black Coffee publicly opened up about himself in a cryptic tweet. The Grammy-winning singer is known to keep his personal life private on social media, but just before the end of the year, he tweeted confidently that he is not okay.

“Ay….I’m not ok,” he wrote. The tweet garnered lots of reactions which included empathy, despite zero knowledge of what he said as it isn’t detailed enough.

His feelings stems from abuse allegations levelled against him by his ex-wife Enhle Mbali.

In another Tweet, he openly spoke about how devasted and broken he is after his ex said he physically abused her.

“The day my ex accused me of physically harming her, nothing was the same. It has left a heavy void in my heart a void I can’t shake off.I lost a big part of myself, no court of law could ever fix the pain and shame I still carry today.”

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After reading through the comments section, Black Coffee said he feels some people are not sensitive to those with mental depression as it leads mot men to keep their worries to themselves.

“Thank you for positive messages I’ll be fine 🙏🏿
Going through some of the comments makes one realize why most men bottle things up and some even take their lives,I hope you listen and offer support to men in your lives when they show vulnerability🙏🏿”

Black Coffee also revealed some intimate details about the abusive nature of his father saying Enhle Mbali should not take advantage of that and soil his name.

“My late father was abusive,to see her continue to ride that wave as a victim using me and using some of my tweets about it on that swimwear as an activist is quite dark and irresponsible.She knows people who abused her she must confront them and leave me alone.”


The last Tweet that really spoked his fans is as a simple “please” and people shared words of encouragment.

Matlose Makuwa

Bro please. This too shall pass. I’m sure you went through a lot in your life than this but you survived and conquered the world. Some of us will find it difficult to survive without your music if you aren’t happy like this.

King of all domkops@Domkop_sa

My role model please be strong for me. Can’t loose you now, especially now in difficult times we’re facing in the world. You bring, light and hope especially to us black youth that nothing it’s impossible when you focus your mind on it. What you going through now not permanent.


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