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“Breadwinners” are driving economic growth, claims Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa complimented breadwinners for working hard to provide for their families, which drives the nation’s economic growth.

Good health, a decent living, love, and companionship “matter most in our lives,” President Mnangagwa stated in his New Year’s speech to the nation.

Through concerted efforts, poverty-reduction and prosperity-increase targets were attained and surpassed.

I thank all the diligent breadwinners who ensured their families’ comfort. Our country is on a path to sustainable socioeconomic growth and development thanks to your hard work, said Mnangagwa.

Zimbabweans are “inspired and empowered” by the many “excellent” achievements of the past year, he said.

Reflecting on the milestones achieved in the agriculture and mining subsectors in 2022, when Zimbabwe recorded a self-sufficient crop of wheat and positioned itself for a US$12 billion mining haul by the end of the year, President Mnangagwa said considerable hope abounds for the nation this year.

The President’s expectation for a prosperous year rests on good rains that will power agriculture and the finding and extraction of more minerals.

Mutoko and Mberengwa have new lithium deposits, adding to Bikita and Goromonzi.

Bikita Minerals has been harvesting the mineral for a long time. In Buhera, President Mnangagwa commissioned Sabi Star Mine.

Zimbabwe would mine oil and gas in Muzarabani if exploration is successful. There are positive signs of the availability of natural gas and gas condensates, which can support a larger petroleum industry.


President Mnangagwa stated the focus should be on modernizing, industrializing, and developing the economy by harnessing the country’s natural and people advantages.

“The Second Republic will continue adopting steps to grow our economy, taking advantage of good rains and the engagement and re-engagement agenda,” he stated.

As he traveled the country, the President noted the people’s “hard, honest work” and harmonious interactions.

Through unity of purpose and hard labor, we’ll raise more people out of poverty and into wealth while leaving no one behind. I salute all Zimbabweans, especially villagers.

As he traveled the countryside, he saw that people are surviving through hard, honest work in peace.

President Mnangagwa appealed for peace before, during, and after this year’s elections.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, elections let us exercise our democratic right. We’ll hold harmonised elections next year (this year).

“Mindful that we are a diverse but one people, united by one flag, I urge each of us to remain peaceful and politically mature,” he said.

Defending the nation’s sovereignty, achieved through a protracted liberation struggle, should “serve as a lesson to us all,” as Zimbabweans “march forward together” mindful that “Chimurenga Chepfungwa is a process, not an event.”

“As masters of our own fate, we should also look beyond 2030,” he remarked.


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