The most well-liked candidate, Chamisa, is poised to triumph in the 2023 election.

According to the findings of a poll that was carried out by researchers located in London and known as Sabi Strategy Group, Nelson Chamisa is the most popular Presidential candidate in Zimbabwe and is likely to win the elections that will take place in 2023.

In the decisive election that will take place this year, Chamisa, who is the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change, which was just recently created as an opposition party, is likely going to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s most formidable opponent.

Between the 18th and the 27th of January, Sabi carried out a “phone survey” in advance of the important election. During the course of the study, they had 15-minute surveys with 1000 registered voters.

According to the study, Chamisa came out on top with 53% of the vote, while Mnangagwa received 40% of the vote. Sabi claims that 75% of the 1000 registered voters verified that they will vote.

The remaining 7% was split among the other contenders.

Jonathan Moyo, a former minister of Higher and Tertiary Education who is now living in self-imposed exile, dismissed the results of the survey and warned the Chamisa-led CCC not to get excited about them. On his Twitter account, he stated:

It is a desperate act of futility to put one’s hopes on a phony “PHONE SURVEY” of “1,000 registered voters” in Zimbabwe that was carried out from London by an organization that was paid by the Brenthurst Foundation, which was established and sponsored by the meddlesome Oppenheimer family!

Who provided them with a list of one thousand voter registration phone numbers?

London’s supposedly independent ‘Sabi Strategy Group,’ which was paid to do the fake ‘PHONE SURVEY,’ which it fraudulently presented as ‘FIELDWORK,’ as it smiled to the bank with dirty Oppenheimer money, is in fact a partner of Brenthurst Foundation, and is therefore not independent at all. This is despite the fact that London’s ‘Sabi Strategy Group’ was paid to do the phoney ‘FIELDWORK,’ which it Phoney!

It seems expected that the election that will take place in 2023 will take place in the second part of that year.


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