Mzansi responds to the “Mass Country” trailer from AKA

Late Mzansi rapper AKA’s trailer of his upcoming final album Mass Country has the Megacy in their feels.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was laid to rest on Saturday at Heroes Acre in Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg after being gunned down outside a popular restaurant in Durban on Friday evening. The shooting also resulted in the death of his lifelong friend, celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

AKA’s team shared the trailer of his album on his social pages recently after screening it for the first time at his memorial service on Friday at the Sandton Convention Centre.

When Nhlanhla “Nivo” Ndimande and the other members of AKA’s production team took to the podium at his memorial, they spoke of the last photo shoot he did, the tour he was set to embark on with gospel choir Joyous Celebration and the brief AKA gave them for the trailer

Nivo recalled his last call with the rapper, where he spoke of preparations for the rollout of his album.

“He said, ‘I want you guys to package a trailer for the album. I want you to use old footage of me.’ He gave us the whole brief. And that’s the trailer we officially have for the album … it was as if Kiernan was preparing us for his passing. He approved everything.

“For the first time ever, Kiernan delivered an album so early,” he said.

The Mass Country trailer showcases AKA’s old interviews, where he speaks about South African music over lyrics that speak of it being “the last time”.

Watch the ‘Mass Country’ trailer below:



Tweeps reacted to the trailer, saying it was almost as if he knew he would leave us soon.

“Some of the things he says here, it’s like he knew it was his goodbye album,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Everything about this album (artwork, trailer, the music itself) feels like he knew without knowing. Wild,” wrote another.

Here are some of the reactions:



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