Mwonzora Arrested

MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora was arrested and charged on Wednesday with threatening to shoot and kill his ex-employe Mutandwa Machera over unpaid wages.

Machera had threatened to stage a protest at Mwonzora’s house in Harare over his unpaid wages of US$9 600.

After the opposition leader allegedly threatened to kill Machera on Sunday, the complainant opened a docket against him, leading to his arrest.

Mwonzora was taken to court and released after the prosecutor determined that there was insufficient evidence to support a case against him.

“I was taken to court today after a false report was made by one of our ex-employees whom we fired.

“They had accused me of threatening to shoot him, I do not have a firearm, I do not even possess one, I don’t even know how to use one.

“The prosecutor said there is insufficient evidence to sustain a remand so I am happy, a free man, I am on my way to Brussels to represent the country in the ACPU joint parliament,” Mwonzora told journalists soon after his release Wednesday.

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Over a dozen other party employees have claimed they are owed wages dating back over 13 months.

Meanwhile, his party has demanded that he resign immediately after failing to share funds received under the Political Parties Fund Act, hold meetings and conduct a post-mortem of March 2022’s embarrassing by-election loss.

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