Winky D To Perform In Chitungwiza

Zimbabwe’s most loved musician Winky D has been silent over the past months following his new album ‘Eureka’ release which was riddled with lots of controversy and resulted in politicians fighting among themselves.


Winky D on the other side remained silent and refused to be tempted to comment on any of the issues.

He has however surfaced with an announcement that he will be heading to Chitungwiza for a show.

This is the first family show he is hosting this year, in a tweet his management wrote:

“Chitungwiza, make a date with the GAFA and the VIGI on the 4th of March at Damview.
Let the games begin.


He will be supported by Toki Vibes and Saint Flow the two artists who also featured on his recent album.

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Winky D continues to make progress and impact despite missing out on the NAMA awards.

The Gaffa, as he is affectionately known, has not had any of his new songs played on local radio stations.

This comes at a time there are allegations that radio stations have been instructed from top levels to ban his music.

Holy Ten, who also featured on one of his tracks off the album, triggered a war with Winy D fans when he dissed him during an interview.

An evidently dismayed Holy Ten was recorded vilifying Winky D and categorising him a snake – that is longer than his dreadlocks – on The Episode podcast. The Gaffa, according to the singer, duped him into releasing a “political song” when they recorded Ibotso.

“It can’t have been a setup. Because at the end of the day, even a snake… The man you are talking about is a snake longer than his dreadlocks. But even the snake did not force that apple on Eve. She was partly involved.

“He spoke, and she made a decision. I am Eve. Maybe that’s why I didn’t graduate. I would have never done a song with Winky G. That’s me avoiding being sued. I’ve done Law. We’ve signed contracts.”

Winky D’s supporters, who were also following the Hip Hop prodigy on social media, are unfollowing him as a form of punishment. Holy Ten began the week with 290 000 Instagram followers, but he has since lost thousands of those and now has 284 000.

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