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Workers Caught “Resting In Peace” On Graves

Instead of removing the vegetation and weeds defacing the thousands of graves in the city, the Parks employees spend most of their shift sleeping on top of the graves.

Photographs depicting Parks employees sleeping and sitting on one of the graves made rounds on social media – prompting a negative reaction from the public who summed the entire behaviour as disrespectful.

However, Msunduzi Local Municipality, governing Pietermaritzburg, released a statement following the popularity of the images.

“Msunduzi has been made aware of the disturbing photographs where employees are seen sleeping and sitting on top of the graves; such unacceptable behaviour is condemned with the contempt it deserves.”

Msunduzi Municipality

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Msunduzi went on to say, “The Municipality will not condone such behaviour and can confirm that processes are in place for the implicated employees to be charged for misconduct and for putting the Municipality into disrepute.

People hold graveyards and tombstones in very high regard as spiritual places where they honour their loved ones’ memories. The City Manager has ordered an investigation to be conducted as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile, the worst is taking place in other municipalities. In July 2022, the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) arrested three people for digging up graves.

Among the nabbed was a Sangoma. The TMPD officers were notified by a night shift guard at the graveyard about this act.

“The officers responded swiftly and rushed to the graveyard. Upon arrival, they found three people inside the grave busy digging. When the three suspects were questioned, they could not account for what they were doing and where they got the permission to dig up the graves,” TMPD reported.
TMPD reported that they were allegedly looking for dead people’s bones for multi-purposes.
The suspects tried to offer a bribe of R1 500 but weren’t successful.

“They were then arrested for violation of graveyard regulations, malicious damage to property and bribery,” said TMPD.

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