Comic Pastor’s ex-wife produces evidence of abuse

The abuse allegations against comedian Comic Pastor have taken a new twist after his alleged ex-wife responded with evidence of her suffering a miscarriage after he allegedly abused her during their one year of marriage.

The ex-wife’s response comes after Comic Pastor denied ever knowing her when contacted by a tabloid for a comment.

When contacted by H-Metro for a comment, the award-winning comedian who is on tour in the United Kingdom, said he does not know Munyaradzi Mavura. He added that he will only respond to abuse allegations if they are lodged by his current wife Noddy.

“The only wife I know is Noddy and that’s the only person I am married to. I married my wife six years ago. Uyo handimuzive. If Noddy comes to the media complaining, then I will comment about it. I am currently in England so if Noddy has an issue dai ataura,” Comic Pastor told the tabloid.

This left Comic Pastor’s alleged ex-wife Munyaradzi Mavura in a conundrum as she did not have any photos of herself with the comedian to back up her claim that they were once married.

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She however came back with proof of the miscarriage she suffered after being abused by Comic Pastor and Noddy who was his mistress at the time.

Taking to her Facebook account, Mavura shared images of the medical report she got from a clinic in Epworth confirming that she had indeed suffered a miscarriage. Munyaradzi Mavura added that her story of abuse at the hands of Comic Pastor was witnessed by a number of people.

“THANKs GOD ITS A TWO SIDED STORY..HE HAS SAID HIS SIDE OF THE STORY ..HANDINGAMUPIKISE KANA KUTENDERANA NAYE ASI:….Epworth Musha mukuru and chakaitwa pane vanhu hachivigiki …………nyaya yese ine ma witness,” she captioned the images.

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