Bank Statements Reveal That Mai TT Earns More Than US$50k From Facebook

Popular, controversial Zimbabwean comedienne Mai TT reportedly raked in a staggering US$54 000 from her Facebook hustle in just one year. The information was confirmed by bank statements which were shared on social media by social media personality Joey Nyikadzino.

The comedienne, real name Felistas Murata, is currently facing financial issues and recently appeared in court to answer fraud charges.

However, despite her recent financial hardships, Joey insistedd that Mai TT was financially sound before she met her now estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa.

According to Joey, people need to come to Mai TT’s aid as she is one of the highest-paid Zimbabweans on social media.

Joey insisted that Mai TT makes good money from Facebook and Youtube. She claimed the fiery social media personality made a massive US$54 000 from Facebook in just one year.

To bolster her case, Joey shared screenshots of Mai TT’s alleged bank statements as proof.

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Posting on her Facebook account, Joey wrote,

“As I said earlier that we need to help Mai try reimburse moneys therefore owed, we are doing it as women because at most points she was there for a lot of people in Zimbabwe who were in need. Also not only help her but help the women who didn’t receive their moneys as planned. We decided to audit her lifestyle since a lot of people say she lived on people s moneys . Mai Tt used to tell us she earns through Facebook and Youtube. We demanded a bank statement from her bank wich is Ecobank. Below is a legit bank statement of Felistas Murata.

“From this we also concluded that this woman had her own life before some man came into her life and ruined it for her . I’m trying to show you that despite all this woman works very hard . Earns and whatever she bought and got came from her sweat.

“We are bringing the next personal Bank statement soon . Probably she s the highest paid on Facebook made $54 000 Annually. Maybe this is why she would spent much time on lives earning. Next time we do not just insult a person because awirwa neproblem. We all understand that there is a situation and the solution is what we are doing right now. Thanks to her banker…. Ladies Vese in this be patient we are doing this together!!”

Below are some of the screenshots of Mai TT’s bank statements shared by Joey Nyikadzino on Facebook.


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