Emtee Responds To Domestic Abuse Allegations

South African rapper Emtee has finally responded to the abuse claims which were levelled against him by his wife.

Emtee hogged the limelight today after a video showing his wife Nicole accusing of him assaulting her went viral.

Nicole, who is 7 months pregnant, claimed Emtee assaulted her on Valentine’s day. She went on to show a picture which showed the bruises she sustained when Emtee allegedly assaulted her.

Watch: Emtee under fire for allegedly assaulting 7-month pregnant wife
Taking to his Twitter account to address the abuse claims, Emtee said that he never assaulted his wife. He said that he is all about motivation, love and honour. The rapper added that he has never laid his hands on a woman, nor has he ever assaulted anyone for that matter.

“I’m all about motivation, love and honour. The fuck I look like putting my hands on a woman. On anyone for that matter”

In a series of tweets, he said they never liked him, which is in reference to his wife and mother-in-law. He maintained that he doesn’t do any fighting.


“Since a lil nigga they never liked me…They always looking for someone to blame…Whether I’m doing the right thing…Boss man I ain’t doing no fighting.”

He revealed that he did 3 shows last night only to get home and discover that he has been locked outside of his own house.

Did 3 shows last night. Haven’t slept, and I’m locked out of my own house, and I’m the bad guy!?

Meanwhile, Emtee’s wife is said to have opened a case of assault against him at the police station.


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