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Self-proclaimed ‘Jesus Christ’ in danger after threats to crucify him on Easter emerge

As millions of Christians around the world observe the lent season that will culminate with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, according to Bible teachings, Kenyans can’t help but wonder if Bungoma man Eliud Simiyu, the self-proclaimed Jesus of Tongaren, will live up to the scriptures.

You see, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ endured a lot of suffering when he was arrested by the Pharisees. The Passion of Christ would culminate in his crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension to heaven.

Now, one online user has sensationally claimed that Jesus of Tongeren has expressed fear for his life as Easter season approaches.

“Yesu was Bungoma now claims his life is in danger, Easter is coming. This is after a section of residents of Bungoma were overheard saying he must be crucified during Easter the same way Jesus was crucified. The residents have assured him that if he is truly the Messiah, he will resurrect on the third day and go to heaven after the crucifixion so he should not worry at all,” the netizen wrote.

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The post drew some comical comments online.

“Have the residents identified the two thieves yet? It has to be real you know,” said one user.

“Yesu tulia, njia ya msalaba yaja,” another said.

“Surely we must test his faith like the way Jesus Christ was tested,” someone else commented.

“We want to know the truth if he is the true messiah, hii mambo na porojo we don’t want,” yet another user said.

Mr Simiyu is the founder and leader of the New Jerusalem sect which is based in Lukhokwe village, Tongaren Constituency.

He claims he is the real Jesus of the Bible and that he has power to perform miracles.

Members of the church are referred to as angels or prophets and are prohibited from using their official names.

Mr Simiyu was born in 1981. His parents – Francis and Cecilia Simiyu – died when he was a boy. He was born a Catholic and attended Mukuyu Primary School in Tongaren, Bungoma County.

He dropped out of school while in Form One at Mukuyu Secondary School and he became a farmer.

He married at age 20 in 2001 and is a father of eight – his elder son is studying at a technical college in Kiambu County and his second born (daughter) is due to join University.

In 2009 Mr Simiyu was hit in the head during a family quarrel and rushed to hospital, according to neighbours. It’s upon being discharged from hospital that he started preaching.-Nairobinews

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