“Don’t Trust Andile”; Shauwn Mkhize Warned

Businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize was a guest on Sports Night Amplified with Andile Ncube on Metro FM; they talked about sports and Shauwn’s Royal AM football club.

Mkhize claimed to have enjoyed her time at the radio station and she gushed over the growth of her FC.

“It truly warms my heart to see the difference that we’ve made as Royal AM, in such a short space of time. I always say this, we might not get it right, we might start off weak, we might even loose as a team but we never give up! We fight hard, we work hard and most importantly we are still hungry and determined to take-up even more space,” she wrote.

However, she got brows raised with photos taken at the radio station.

Shauwn and Andile were seen looking into each others’ eyes in one of the snaps and it got people talking.

Knowing how Andile’s charm locks in women, people urged the businesswomen to be careful.

“Umgade lowo Andile ngoba uyabathanda abo sisi bakhe very innocent looking jiki jiki uzozithola udla I breakfast in bed,” Somizi reacted to the post.

“I don’t trust ANDILE, RUN Mamkhize,” a follower reacted.

“Don’t Trust Andile”; Shauwn Mkhize Warned

In Other News: 

A Lobola negotiation was cancelled after they discovered that the bride has a tattoo on her thigh. The unfortunate discovery was made during the bride’s virginity testing.

The Malume were not happy that their son wanted to marry someone with a tattoo as they don’t know who drew it.

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According to a Twitter user, the groom’s relatives were a bit unhappy with their makoti over the tattoo as so they decided to cancel the whole program.

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