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CIO Warned Grace About Simba Chikore

Bona Mugabe and her family had been warned about Simba Chikore’s reputation as a womaniser by the Central Intelligence Organisation but it fell on deaf ears.

This comes amid revelations by a former maid that Simba Chikore had an extramarital affair which was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The couple’s former maid said Bona discovered that Simba was having an extramarital affair in May last year and they quarrelled over it.

In a bid to get back in his wife’s good graces, Simba bought flowers but Bona allegedly destroyed them in front of the workers and left their Mount Pleasant home soon after.

Simba followed her to Blue Roof Mansion in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale in the hopes of winning her back. He was turned away by Grace Mugabe who made it clear that he should not set foot on the premises again.

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Interestingly, before Bona Mugabe and Simba Chikore’s fairytale wedding in March 2014, the Mugabes had received a warning that the son of ZAOGA FIF pastors was ill-suited to be the First Family’s son-in-law.

Ultimately, the CIO believed that Simba Chikore was too old and tainted to be involved with Bona.

A report by NewZimbabwe.com quoted a junior CIO officer as saying that Chikore was a “playboy’ ill-suited to be Bona’s husband”.

The CIO officer had said the wedding had gone ahead because of Grace Mugabe’s “determination for the marriage to go ahead”.

The officer also claimed that Grace Mugabe’s disdain for the CIO had prevented proper vetting of Simba Chikore.

The unnamed CIO official was quoted as saying:

He (Chikore) is a workout addict and also much into bike riding. He is known for womanising from his high school days and recently involved in a spate of affairs which were glossed over by the (CIO) team that prepared the final report. This man was deemed too old for the first daughter and too tainted to be involved with her.

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