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Man Found Dead Inside Honda Fit At Pari Was An Armed Robber

Man Found Dead Inside Honda Fit At Pari Was An Armed Robber; New information has come to light regarding the unsolved death of the man whose body was discovered inside a Honda Fit near the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

The man’s lifeless body was discovered on the back seat of a silver Honda Fit parked close to the hospital’s main entrance on Mazowe Street. The man had injuries to his stomach and chest.

According to The Herald, the police discovered links between the dead man and a string of armed robberies.


Parirenyatwa dead armed robber
More Details Emerge On Man Found Dead Inside Honda Fit Near Parirenyatwa Hospital (Image Credit: The Herald)

The police believe the man was part of a gang of armed robbers.


The police suspect that the man who is yet to be identified was seriously injured while committing a crime, prompting the gang to abandon him and the vehicle near the main gate of Parirenyatwa Hospital in the hope that he would receive medical assistance. Unfortunately, the suspect died before receiving any help.

During a police investigation, they discovered several cell phones, housebreaking equipment, a crowbar, a golf stick, beer bottles, electrical cables, and other items of clothing and goods in the vehicle. It is suspected that the vehicle and its contents were being used by the gang of suspected armed robbers to commit crimes.

Further investigations also revealed that the vehicle he was found dumped in had been stolen from its rightful owner in Harare. It is suspected that the man and his accomplices had been using the car as a getaway vehicle after committing crimes. The vehicle was missing a rear license plate and only had a single registration number plate (ADW 5062) attached to the front.

Man Found Dead Inside Honda Fit At Pari Was An Armed Robber

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