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Pastor Rαpes Three Little Girls Under 10 Years In His Church

Police have arrested a pastor after he allegedly rαped three little girls in his church.

The shack that housed the church where the children are said to have been raped last week was torn down by angry Khayelitsha residents.

It’s reported that the suspect started rαping the 10-year-old girl in January together with two of her friends, each aged seven.

He allegedly threatened to have them killed if they told anyone about the act.

According to family members, the girls were tied and raped in front of one another before the truth came to light on March 4.

A mother of one of them said: “He lured the children with money. When they got to the suspect’s establishment, he then sealed their mouths and tied their hands with tape.

“He rαped them one by one; as they each watched and when he was done, he warned them that if they told anyone, he would kill them.”

The mother, 32, said that she overheard the children arguing over food when she entered the room and learned about the alleged rαpes.

“My eldest daughter had a fight with the 10-year-old victim and my seven-year-old intervened.

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“Out of anger, the 10-year-old victim said she was going to tell their parents about what happened to them.

“I walked in [during] the fight and I asked her what she was talking about [and the truth came out]; I have not been OK since.

“Every time I think about it, I end up downing a bottle of alcohol. That man destroyed the children.”

The aggrieved woman said she informed her neighbours.

“The angry residents destroyed the church while we went to the police station and hospital after we told them about what happened to the girls,” she explained.

“The police picked him up and took him away from the area, and we are not sure if he appeared in court as we are still waiting for the detective to give us feedback.”

FC van Wyk, a police spokesman, confirmed that the suspect was arrested and appeared in court on rape-related accusations.

More than 5,900 people were raped in South Africa between October and December, according to the most recent crime figures.

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