Popular prophet delivers sweet 2023 elections prophecy

A SELF-proclaimed Prophet of John the 5th of Africa Apostolic church has made sensational claims that God will reward everyone who votes Zanu PF at the 2023 elections with 15 more years of life, over and above those they were meant to live.

Seen in a video doing rounds on social media, the Prophet Madzibaba Andy Makururu claims to have had a conversation with the Holy Spirit regarding Zimbabwe’s forthcoming elections.

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He then orders his followers, said to number 800,000 in the country, to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the coming 2023 elections before, asking them to stand up so they receive their 15-year additions.

“When I vote I will be under the Holy Spirit putting my X on President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Zanu PF is going to win at the upcoming elections,” said Madzibaba Andby.

“The children of John the 5th of Africa who number 800,000 will vote for Mnangagwa. I have no child who will rebel against the church’s decision.

“Those who will vote for Mnangagwa will get another 15 years of life. This is what the Holy Spirit has said, that is the word of prayer. May those who will vote to stand up so that they get their years added.”


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