Mabrijo reveals she once dated Holy Ten but says she is not bitter

Controversial social media influencer Bridget Panashe “Mabrijo” Marufu recently disclosed that talented rapper Holy Ten is her ex-boyfriend as the two were once engaged in a romantic relationship.

The outspoken socialite spilt the tea on her secret romance with Holy Ten during an interview with Dj Ollah 7 on Star FM’s After Drive Season 2.

Mabrijo made the stunning claims on Tuesday night. The revelation has sparked interest among fans of the rapper, who has been in the news for a variety of reasons in recent days.

Mabrijo Reveals Relationship with Holy Ten

Mabrijo confirmed that Holy Ten is her ex-boyfriend and the two were once engaged in a romantic relationship.

The socialite revealed that the two broke up when Holy Ten ended things because he believed Mabrijo wasn’t attractive enough for him.

However, the socialite refused to go into detail about the relationship with Mujaya. She insisted that even though she has Snapchat videos to prove her claims, she will not be releasing them because she is not a bitter ex-girlfriend.


Mabrijo Wishes Holy Ten Well

Mabrijo also said that since the breakup with Holy Ten, she has moved on with her life and bears no ill feelings towards him. In fact, Mabrijo went on to say that she has great respect for Holy Ten and wishes him well in his nuptials following his recent marriage to Kimberly Richards.

Said Mabrijo,

“Holy Ten is my ex. I can’t talk about it. We used to date. Takambodanana naHoly Ten zvakudharawo. Inini ndavanematurity, Olla, ukaita superstar unoita kamwe kakudzikama, even though ndine maSnapchat videos, I am not that small, Olla, ukarambana nemunhu move on nehupenyu wako, kuzobudisa mascreenshots who bitter, Olla. I respect him and is marriage.”


Holy Ten Embroiled in Scandals

The revelation by Mabrijo comes at a time when Holy Ten has been in the news for a variety of reasons, mostly negative.

There have been rumours of a love triangle between Holy Ten, Kimberly Richards, and his rival Voltz JT, fueled by a leaked video of Voltz kissing Kimberly.

Holy Ten has yet to comment on the allegations or the video.

Additionally, Holy Ten has also been accused by his alleged baby mama, Chelsea Tariro, of being a deadbeat father, but he has not responded to these allegations either.

Yesterday, a popular prophet who made headlines for ‘prophesying’ the death of multiple South African celebrities claimed that Holy Ten’s marriage to Kimberly is doomed not to last.


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