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6 rules to dating more than one person at a time

Many people believe that it is wrong to love more than one person at a time.

This belief is often rooted in jealousy, which may come from the idea of not having all that you want or need.

The truth is that loving more than one person at a time can be normal and healthy, especially if the feelings are reciprocated by both parties involved.

Most of us are familiar with monogamous relationships. They’re the norm, and most of us have grown up in one. But what about open relationships? What is it like to be in an open relationship?

To help you understand more about what this type of relationship entails, I’ve compiled seven rules to help you navigate a relationship where both partners are allowed to date other people outside the primary partnership.

1. Cheating is Not Okay

This isn’t a relationship where cheating is okay, and it’s not something you should try to do behind your partner’s back.

If all parties involved don’t know about the open nature of the relationship, there are rules in place.

2. It will Take Work

Just like any other type of committed partnership does. The main difference between this type of relationship and a monogamous one is that an open one requires additional communication from both partners to ensure everyone feels respected within the arrangement.

It takes dedication on the part of each member as well as constant honesty, trustworthiness, and vulnerability with each other so no one gets hurt or feels betrayed by their significant other being physically intimate with someone else outside the primary connection.

3. Be Open and Honest About Your Intentions

If you want to start dating someone else, let your partner know. This isn’t a secret that should be hidden or kept from the person you’re with — it’s something that both parties need to be aware of for the relationship to work successfully.

4. Respect your Partner’s Other Relationships

As you would expect them to respect yours. Just because they are allowed to date, other people doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they please without regard for how their actions might affect you emotionally.

It’s important to remember that even though this is an open relationship, there still needs to be some boundaries in place.

5. Date Others Responsibly

Don’t bring drama into your existing relationship. This is something you both agreed upon, so don’t overstep boundaries and respect the person you’re with as well as their other relationships.

6. Be Honest if Things Change or it no Longer Works for you

If being in an open relationship isn’t what either of you expected — if one member becomes jealous, insecure, etc., then this type of arrangement probably won’t work out very well for anyone involved.

Neither party should continue to date others because they are afraid, to be honest about how they feel or admit that the situation has changed since initially agreeing on it together. Open communication is key here!

Bottom Line

Remember: there’s nothing wrong with monogamy! Loving more than one person at a time doesn’t equate to loving less.

Don’t place restrictions on who your partner can date unless it’s specifically okay with you — and vice versa.

You both want this arrangement, so don’t make each other feel guilty or pressured into doing something they aren’t comfortable with by restricting the people they are allowed to see outside of your relationship.

This isn’t about limiting the freedom of others; it is only meant to bring everyone involved closer together in an open way that respects boundaries while also allowing for things like love beyond just one person at a time (with permission).

6 rules to dating more than one person at a time

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