Mudiwa apologizes to Pokello after claiming she is dating a Ben 10

Blogger Rose Mudiwa has issued an apology to socialite and businesswoman Pokello Nare following a ‘malicious’ story she posted last week.

In a since-deleted article, Mudiwa, real name Rhoda Mudyirwa, alleged that Pokello was having an illicit affair with an unidentified Ben 10. She further alleged that Pokello’s supposed Ben 10 had gone missing.

Following the allegations, Mudiwa, who runs Rose Lifestyle News page, publicly apologised to Pokello.

Mudiwa Issues An Apology To Pokello


Mudiwa's Apology Pokello Nare
Pokello Nare[Image Credit: Queen Of Swagger/Instagram]

Mudiwa apologized to Pokello on Facebook for peddling falsehoods against her. She said that the story was fabricated and sensationalized for clickbait.


Apologizing to Pokello, Mudiwa initially wrote a statement before issuing another through a video.

“I would like to publicly retract any post that my team and I have made on my timeline that was offensive towards Pokello and her family, friends and associates. I would like to apologize for causing any grievances.

 “I have informed my team and we have agreed to be respectful at all times. I would also like to apologize to any other person that may have been affected by any posts made prior to this statement.

 “It has been an oversight on myself and my team, we took a circulating story and posted without any thoughts on the repercussions. We did not intend to cause any harm. Thank you for your understanding.”


You can watch the video below:

 Zimbos React To Mudiwa’s Heartfelt Apology

Zimbabweans were left in stitches following Rose’s facial reaction as she publicly apologized to the “Queen of Swagger” on camera.

 Below are comments from Zimbos reacting to her video.

Stabile Ncube

The way you are sweating and panicking Rose🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ndiwe here uyo

 Blobby Lilian

Rose siyana nezvenyaya dzevanhu please unofira mafufu segonzo ,,face kuita kupenya neFear , pfuurwa hapana chaunobva

Karen Patches

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rose Rose how many times did i call you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

 Ta Riro

Makavingwaka😂😂😂you don’t play with big fish my guy

Mudiwa apologizes to Pokello after claiming she is dating a Ben 10

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