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Enhle Mbali Forgives Black Coffee?

Enhle Mbali speaks about forgiveness and letting go in the third episode of “Soul Binge” thus giving a hint that he might have forgiven his ex-husband Black Coffee.

The actress started Soul Binge following the announcement of a new chapter in her life which she made evident by cutting her hair.

Since then, Enhle has embarked on dishing out motivational and inspirational words on her Instagram account.

On day 3 of the aforementioned platform, Enhle decided to talk about forgiveness and letting go which hints at the fact that the mother-of-two has forgiven her ex-husband, Black Coffee.

The two had a dirty divorce following Mbali’s accusation of being abused by the DJ.

However, Black Coffee won the case in court and even on social media streets as different reports slamming Enhle’s claims surfaced.

Speaking on her Instagram account, Enhle Mbali urged her followers to forgive.

“It’s important to release yourself from anything that binds your spirit and mind which ultimately binds your body. Forgiveness is the ultimate mark of strength. Forgive everyone including yourself. Wright down everyone who has made you feel as if you were wronged, everyone you have wronged including yourself ( it’s important to forgive you !!! for allowing yourself to be done wrong or not protecting yourself) . After writing this list ask for forgiveness, forgive then burn it. You have to be extremely honest with self. Do some deep introspection. Good luck,” she wrote.

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