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Prince Edward Boys High Head, Nigerian Pastor Chris Squander School Funds

THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has launched investigations into allegations that Prince Edward High School headmaster, Aggrippa Sora, abused the institution’s funds.

Parents with children at the school sent a petition seeking the Government’s intervention over the issue.

The parents have also demanded an urgent meeting with Sora and the School Development Committee (SDC).

Director of communications and advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro, confirmed receiving the petition.

“We have received the petition and are conducting investigations into the matter,” he said.

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The SDC chairperson, only identified as Pastor Chris, who is also implicated in the scam, said they were looking forward to the Ministry’s intervention.

“I haven’t seen the petition officially, but only on social media and I am expecting the Ministry’s intervention.”

Repeated efforts to get comment from Sora were unsuccessful yesterday.

Below are some of the complaints raised in the petition sent to the Ministry.

“All parents and PE Old Boys are being informed that Prince Edward School has been captured and is an enclave of Aggrippa Sora running it in a mafia corruption style.

“Talking and writing in a parents’ group will not change the headmasters’ mafia corruption style that has taken root for years.

“Action is urgently needed now because the devil is digging in.

“Money for all 2023 Form One boys paid in 2022 in US dollars after interviews in November has been siphoned using the corruption mafia style.

“By January 2023 through to the first two weeks of February 2023, Prince Edward School coffers were empty. The school’s accounts are empty right now, no cent.

“All the money for Beit Hall, Auditorium, Lecture Theatre, Chapel, Cricket Pavilion, Tennis Pavilion, PE Lodge, Basketball field, Rugby Jubilee field, Princess Field across the road, Tower Field, Rhodes Field and Chapel Field is receipted and pocketed by the headmaster.

“The school gets nothing. He is getting more money than chief executives of some private enterprises.

“The school is operating on overdrafts and loans from the bank. He gets loans from the bank telling teachers and parents that he wants to develop the school, but pockets it.

“PE workers go for months without pay. The school head lies that parents are not paying school fees and so he cannot pay.

“Pay slips of workers reflect bonus paid, but they do not get the bonus. Workers’ pay slips show funeral policy money deducted, medical aid money deducted and NSSA money deducted, but all the money is not transferred to any of the organisations.

“The school head is reported to sign on paper that he pays SDC teachers US$400, but there is no such money paid to SDC teachers.

“They do not get it.

“So, if he signs that he has given US$400 to each SDC teacher and they do not get it, where does it go?

“Thrifty shop that sells uniforms has been given to a so-called Nigerian Pastor Chris.

“The school head campaigned for Pastor Chris to be the current SDC chairperson. It is rumoured that the Pastor Chris has no child at PE, but he is the SDC Chairman.

“Pastor Chris is at Prince Edward School every day eating in the dining room. No SDC parent has to do that.”-H Metro

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