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Kuramba Kurambwa; Simba Chikore Challenges Bona Mugabe Divorce Filing

Former president Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona Nyepudzai Mugabe and her estranged husband, Simba Chikore, are set for a contested divorce battle. Chikore has launched a legal challenge against Bona’s divorce filing, in a move that sets the stage for a potentially bitter and emotional court battle.

Chikore Challenges Bona’s Filing

Chikore’s challenge to the divorce filing means that the case, which was filed under HC 1521/2023, will now proceed as a contested divorce. The couple, who had been married for nine years, had been living apart for over nine months, with Bona moving out of their home in Mount Pleasant and returning to her Blue Roof parents’ residence in Borrowdale.

Chikore’s legal team at Matsikidze Attorneys-At-Law filed an appearance to defend the divorce summons.

Bona’s Reasons for Divorce

In her filing, Bona said the couple had lost all love and affection for one another and had been living apart for more than nine months. She insisted that the marriage has irretrievably broken down with no prospect of restoration.


A Closely Watched Case

The divorce battle between Bona Mugabe and Simba Chikore is set to be closely watched by the media and the public, given the high profile of the Mugabe family in Zimbabwean politics. As the case unfolds, more details are likely to emerge about the reasons behind the breakdown of the couple’s marriage and the legal arguments put forward by each side.

Implications of a Contested Divorce

Divorce proceedings can have a significant impact on the parties involved, and contested divorces can be particularly fraught, with emotions running high and tensions escalating. The legal system is designed to provide a fair and impartial resolution to these disputes, and both parties will have the opportunity to present their side of the story in court.


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