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Zimra cashier found dead

BEITBRIDGE Police are investigating the death of a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) cashier whose body with multiple stab wounds was found dumped along the Beitbridge-Harare highway near a fast foods outlet and a bar.

The body had bruises consistent with a struggle before his death, but there was little blood where it was found, suggesting he may have been murdered elsewhere and dumped at that spot.

The officer commanding Beitbrridge Police District Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo confirmed the death and that the deceased was a Zimra officer.

“Our team went out to attend and we have heard the deceased was a Zimra cashier. We are now investigating where he was hanging out and in whose company,” he said in a brief interview.

The deceased’s remains have since been taken to Beitbridge Hospital.

Beitbridge residents have reacted angrily and blame the police and the Beitbridge Municipality for lack of patrols and non-development of the area, a prime part of the border town.

The spot where the body was found lies adjacent to a 24-hour fast foods outlet, a night club and the popular events arena called PaGomba.

“Our local authority has for some reason not been allocating stands to people wishing to develop that area which by now should be built up. Many incidences have been reported about the dangers lurking in that area, but there is very little police visibility,” a resident said on a chat group that extensively discussed the incident.

“Police concentrate their patrols in the border post area because of the possibilities of financial gains, but the crime rate at that spot near the hiking area is troubling. Our local authority should also light up the area,” an aspiring councillor, Boyd Maposa said.


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