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Zimbabwean Domestic Worker Robs South African Employer

A Zimbabwean woman identified as Shaime Ncube is wanted by South African police according to news reporter PSAF Live for the alleged theft of goods worth thousands of rands.

In a tweet by PSAF Live, Ncube is said to have been an illegal immigrant who posed as a domestic worker. She has been working for a household in Mooikloof, Tshwane, a region in Pretoria South Africa where she stole from.

The tweet reads, “WANTED: A young illegal Zimbabwean foreigner who calls herself Shaime Ncube who was employed as a domestic worker in Mooikloof, Tshwane, allegedly robbed the house of its electrical appliances, expensive phones and other valuable items.

“The baby’s mother, who had hired the illegal Zimbabwean nanny said the woman speaks English and Shona and is in her 20’s.””She told me her name is Shaime Ncube but I doubt that is her real name,” the former employer said.

The report continues:

“When the mother got home she found the baby in the care of her neighbours. When she went inside her own house she discovered it was empty.

The police have opened a report of theft and are urging anyone with information that may lead to the arrest to the arrest of the suspect to contact the nearest police station”.

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