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Man Beats Up Wife Over Macheso Love

A 38-year-old man from Bulawayo’s Sunninghill suburb has run into trouble due to his love of music after he allegedly beat his wife with an unknown object all over her body after she declined to give him money to go to an Alick Macheso live show.

On Friday of last week, the sungura musician gave a performance at Parkview Pub and Grill in the city.

According to B Metro, Trymore Madzungaire went to his wife Portia Mapfunga (38)’s vending booth on March 31 at around 7 p.m. and demanded money so he could attend the music performance.

He was reportedly refused money by Mapfunga, who then left in a rage.

Around nine o’clock at night, the visibly angry Madzungaire decided to “fix” his wife by locking her inside the house and turning out the lights.

Then Madzungaire began repeatedly hitting his wife over the entire body with an unknown object.

He was arrested after the police received a report of the incident.

Mapfunga was referred to a hospital where she is being treated after suffering injuries to every part of her body.

Since then, Madzungaire has been charged with physical abuse and has appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa.

He was remanded in custody until April 21 without being asked to enter a plea.

He requested that he be remanded out of custody claiming that he also sustained an injury on his arm after his wife allegedly stabbed him with a screwdriver during the scuffle.

“She was the aggressor and she stabbed me with a screwdriver so l also need to go and seek medical attention since I was also injured,” he said.

Man Beats Up Wife Over Macheso

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