Shadaya Knight Flirts With Nαkεd Amercian Actress Halle Berry But It Didn’t End Well

Controversial social media enthusiast and self-proclaimed misogynist Shadaya Knight had an ugly encounter with American Actress Halle Berry when he trolled an image of her standing on a balcony while nαkεd.

The photo, which has generated many replies from people from various locations has seen the actress hit back with a savage reply herself.

Shaday posted;

“Imagine being in your 50s, still posting n#des for attention in menopause when you should be chilling with the grandkids. Aging with dignity is no longer a thing”

American Twitter and others alike made it known to Shadaya Knight that he should be minding his own business but nobody expected Halle Berry’s response.

“Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?”


Halle Berry Fan’s Responses

The American Nightmare, as Shadaya decided to change his Twitter handle, got many clap backs from the actress’ fans around the globe;

Drew Dixon@deardrewdixon

Imagine being so obtuse that you actually believe THEE Halle Berry has to do anything other than exist to get our attention. This photo, with which we have all been blessed, is the visual epitome of dignity, chilling, and menopausal goals. Stay mad, Red Nightmare.

Susan Lassiter-Lyons@susanlyons

Her kids are 15 and 9. Where exactly are these grandkids coming from? Weirdo.

Tauriq Moosa@tauriqmoosa
Imagine being an average man online and thinking Halle Berry of all people isn’t the epitome of aging with dignity. Good luck with your mentions.

Aleesha Simone@aleeshalindsaar

Imagine thinking a woman minding her own damn business & being in her glorious energy at whatever age means she is looking for attention. Women are allowed to appreciate themselves LOUDLY. Just say you hate women next time 🗣️

Justice Ngara@justice_ngara
If you decide to post her picture. Please show people her caption on that same post, that’s when you realize that whatever you are saying is just crap

This is not the first time that Shadaya has had a clash with American Twitter. Recently he bashed Rihanna and her husband ASAP Rocky, took a dig at Serena Williams’ husband and he seems to be enjoying the attention.


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