Zodwa Wabantu receives backlash for rubbing and sniffing her cake {Vidoe}

Ever-controversial, Zodwa Wabantu has stunned social media users after her recent provocative stunt on Instagram.

Zodwa Wabantu has faced criticism for her public performances, which are often racy and controversial. She has also been banned from performing in Zambia and Zimbabwe due to her “immoral” live shows.

The “Zodwa Wabantu Rubbing” Video in Question

In the video, Zodwa sits on a couch without underwear. She proceeds to open her legs and rub her “cake”, then smells her hand before looking at the camera and raising her thumb. She wrote the caption:

“I thank you for everything that you have done for me😂🙏🏻❤️

“Ikhekhe lakhe liyamsebenzela 😂😂😂

“Have a laughing night, my people👊🏽


Criticism and Reactions

The lewd nature of the video has led to backlash and calls for accountability. Many people have criticized Zodwa for what they see as a lack of dignity and respect.

Critics argue that such stunts objectify women and are inappropriate. Fans who had previously admired Zodwa’s boldness and fearlessness in challenging societal norms have expressed disappointment and frustration at the direction of her performances.

Tee Ocean:

“Oh NOOOO Zodzwa, NOOO, hayi ENOUGH, don’t you have the TINIEST bit of respect for yourself? Ok, if you don’t care, please consider YOUR SON!!! You do know you are not the only woman with a PRIVATE part, right? Nooooo!


“It’s not laughable. It’s very annoying and very disturbing. Stop it.”


“Itjo Hai this something is wrong with zodwa. She really needs help.”


“Anything for Clout… U not Even Thinking about your son. The Disrespect he’s GONNA be getting from his Peers at School and at home???”


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