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‘Don’t be ashamed to be called mummy’s boy’: Shadaya comments after PSG player tricks ‘gold digger’ wife who wanted to take his asserts through divorce

Popular social media commentator, renowned for his anti-feminist approach Shadaya Knight, has chipped in his two cents on the trending story of a Cameroonian soccer player who signed off all his fortune in his dear mother’s name and avoided his wife from taking over half of it through a divorce.

Achraf Hakimi is one of the highest-paid players in Ligue 1, he receives more than a million euros per month.

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Following his divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk, he gracefully went to court knowing that his bank accounts were empty.

Commenting on the matter, Shadaya says that men should prioritise their mothers over their wives as these love unconditionally.

“The Achraf Hakimi story should be a lesson to every man, always put 1st the breast that gave you life over the breast that gives you pleasure. On this earth, the only woman who will ever give you, unconditional love is your mother. 

“That is why you should avoid any woman who comes into your life & wants to create a rift between you & your mother. These are the women who will try to shame you for loving your mother, calling you “mummy’s boy”, it’s a trick to isolate you from the person who truly loves you

“Any woman who doesn’t like your mother & who your mother doesn’t approve of, 99.9% she will destroy you. It takes a woman to know a woman, they’re certain things, you may be blind to, due to infatuation, but your mother will clearly see those things.

“Which is why, you should always seek your parents’ blessings, when you decide to get married. Sadly, men of today seek the blessings of the internet or their pastors, disregarding their own parents. Then later wonder, were did it all go wrong.” Shadaya said.

As usual, Shadaya has many of his followers appreciating Hakimi’s ‘insights’. Below are some of the comments;

Gilbert Kaingidza

This man deserves the Africa footballer of the year award. Myself & @ShadayaKnight are working tirelessely to have him as the biggest guest of honour in the next world men’s conference to be held at Gwanzura stadium in Harare Zimbabwe. He has made us proud


No matter how loyal you think she is
She is not
Your mother is
Hakimi just cheating once and she claiming half his fortune
Total madness
She was waiting for that opportunity
But she was way behind the Son of Mecca
The Song of Solomons

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